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As Madhya Pradesh geographically represents the heart of India, Indore is in all senses is the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Indore is the commercial capital of the state and a hub for all major business activities in the Western part of the state. Footmarks of the royal dynasty meet the pace of the business in Indore. A small cosmopolitan. Playing the pivotal role in the commerce of Madhya Pradesh. The city, after traversing centuries, is poised to become a software hub, for inclusion in that coveted category of software city.

In recent years as the state has advanced, the city Indore has grown manifold and has more business potential to offer than other city of similar stature in the state. Major corporate and business houses including foreign investors have already invested huge sum of money in concurrent projects going on, in and around Indore. Secondly, major efforts are being taken for attracting investors to enjoy the privileges of a developing center.

Indore provides the industries with the complete necessary civic and up to a large extent industrial infrastructure. The Industrial growth in this region has been phenomenal and international companies have, solely because of the infrastructure at Indore, chosen to set up their industries here. Soya, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, plastics and packaging are some of the key industries operating here. The city of Indore is well connected through air, rail & road to almost all the major towns of India, which is a boon for the industries.

With well developed infrastructure, transport facilities and cheap manpower, the city also turns out to be the educational capital of Central India. Institute like IIM, IIT, SGS Institute of Technology & Science, SVITS, IET & others, ensure that there is a regular inflow of skilled professionals. With a large graduate population (roughly 1 lac graduates are added every year) availability of technical human resource sums up to be Indore's greatest strength.

With Air-tel, BSNL, Tata, Reliance & Birla AT&T providing world class telecommunication network, this city is poised to become a corporate address for many. Strategically positioned to become a logistic hub for redistribution of goods within the country, Indore could stake claim as the hardware centre of the country.

With multiplex theaters, game parks, discos, golf courses, open air restaurant & hotels like Raddisson, Fortune Landmark & Sayaji, Indore has become an inviting proposition for many a business houses. With all the ingredients of a metro, minus the pollution, traffic & shooting property costs, Indore is everything about opportunity.

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