We aim to be the first choice institute for students across the country.



Make every effort to get the best out of the student and help them realize their goals in the process.



The Best team shares a core set of beliefs viz, hard work commitment, zeal to succeed, positivity etc, and we show an unyielding inclination towards these beliefs.



Pioneering and preparing students for the future. lmpart knowledge that can lay strong foundation for the future.Treat everyone with respect and Fairness.

About Best Solution

Best solution is a leading coaching and training institute in Indore, founded with the goal of bridging the gap between mere talk and actual quality. We are always focused and determined to develop an environment that can prepare students for the future. It is with this basic goal and concept that the organization was started. They say that "The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step". So, on 20th July 2010 we started this never-ending quest for success. A seed, which is sown, given proper environment and nurtured properly grows big and becomes a large tree one day, same is the case with the mind of a capable student, he needs this strong and healthy seed of knowledge planted in his mind so that he is ready to take on the world, against all the odds notwithstanding. We try our best to nurture and give the most productive environment possible for a student to grow to his absolute potential and thereby fulfill his dreams and aspirations.

The name was chosen by its founder with the core concept of being the best and nothing less.

The idea as already mentioned was to bridge the gap between the actual requirement and the quality produced by various institutes‘ across the Country. We always strive to provide a systematic and practice based (mock tests at regular intervals and other such measures that are tried, tested and highly effective) test system. As the name of institution suggests, aspirants and their parents always have expectations of the very best from us .We always remain the benchmark of their expectation. The success of our students in various competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, AIPMT and others are big morale-boosters to our faculty members, which gives them the energy and enthusiasm to try even harder. We leave no stone unturned, to shape the future of our students.

We as an organization firmly believe that "Right input is the mantra to get the best output." Because of these strong set of beliefs which are almost like religion to us we are growing by leaps and bounds in field of education leaving a streak behind.

Director Desk

It is really a pleasure and honour for me,to have been blessed with this opportunity of serving the future shining stars of our society and the country,by the almighty. The task of enlightenment is perhaps reserved only for the select few, and I'm lucky to be among those select few.Education,as we all are well aware is an integral part of a person life,without which life looses its meaning.

A man becomes mentally handicapped;if he is not armed with knowledge or enough education to deal with the vagaries of life.A person's life has meaning only if he has a social presence in the society apart from his biological presence and for that good quality education is a must,so,the moment you become a Best Solutioner,you become part of a set-up that has changed the life of many an aspirants.At Best,we monitor individual performance of every single student and accordingly we suggest or rather make him go through processes that should help him achieve his dreams and aspirations.

They say,it's not the ability of a person that decides his success,it's rather his hunger and never say die attitude that sets the tone for all his future success.Any student will therefore be expected to harvest the most from our system for his growth in the future.

Teaching Methodology


Curriculum is adapted not adopted blindly.Major emphasis on in-depth understanding,practical applicability and maximum coverage of topics.


Not in the end,but right from the beginning.The student welfare team regularly takes feedback from the students for faculties,tests and various issues.Solution to the same is provided at the earliest.


The subject experts who will go to any length to solve your doubt.Kind, compassionate and caring in nature.


Doubts in Mind-not to think,but ask about it.Individual attention to all the students in separate doubt clearing sessions(DCS).


No compromise. No cut, copy ,paste.Developed by the teaching faculty,ensuring that the material is in sync with the ability of the students.


Finest of the books and references.Open throughout the day and most importantly students can get books issued at regular intervals.


Biometric Attendance,CCTV Surveillance Classroom , SMS Alerts, Emails & Notifications.


Weekly, monthly and quarterly tests with individual student performance analysis.