For students, who have opted for the one year program

Cancellation of Admission Within 10 Days of joining Within 20 Days of joining Within 30 Days of joining Within 60 Days of joining Within 90 Days of joining After 90 Days of joining
Deduction on Total Course Fee (in Percentage) 10% 20% 30% 50% 70% 100% of Total Course fee

cancellation of Admission means, the Cancellation of all the benefits provided to the students such as Scholarship including all the related Monetary benefits Also, the Deductions will be applicable on the relevant Course written fee and not on the discounted waived fee.

condition of Cancellation ,the deduction will be done on the Prescribed fee of Rs 32,200 Only and will not be considered on the discounted fee of Rs 30,000.

Say, if a student Suraj takes the admission in 10th Class, whose relevant course fee was Rs 32,200 and being a meritorious student, he got a special waiver of 2200. So his final discounted fee nowcome as 30000.In any

Our refunding policy is strictly monitored & followed & any such issus on refunding policy are subject to the Indore jurisdiction only, which please note.


say, if the student cancels the admission in first year, with in 10 Days of the joining (in writting & in a prescribed formate), then this deductions will be as per the below example

Deducted Amount=23000*10/100=Rs.2300
So the Total Fee refunded will be 65000-2300=Rs.62700

if the Cancellation is made after the 90 Days of joining in written then the deduction will be as under
Decucted Amount=23000*100/100=Rs.23000
So, the Total fee refunded=65000-23000=Rs.4200


Cancellation Request made Within the 10 days of starting of the Batch So,the Deducted amount will be as, Full fee of first year program + (Full fee of one year program of this year)*10/100
=23000+ 32200*10/100=Rs. 23000 +Rs. 3220
=Rs. 26220
Total Fee refunded = 65000-26220=Rs.38780
#Cancellation Request made within the 90 Days of starting of batch So,the deducted amount will be as,
Full fee of first year program +
(Full fee of one year program of this year)* 100/100 =Rs. 23000 +Rs. 32300*100/100=Rs.55200
Total fee refunded in such case will be as
Rs. 65000-Rs. 55200=Rs. 9800


Some Rule as above shall be Applicable
# Cancellation Request made within the 20 days of starting of Batch. So, the Deducted amount will be as Sum of fee of previous two year program separately + (Written fee of a one year program) * 20/100
=Rs.55200 + Rs.6440 = Rs. 61640
Amount Refunded
= Total fee paid - Total Deduction
=Rs. 65000-Rs. 61640=Rs.3360

For students, who have opted for the multiple year program

Cancellation of multiple year Admission means the Cancellation of all the benefits of multiple year fee and the Scholarship availed on the written fee. This means the prescribed Written fee of the year will be now considered as yourfull & final fee.

Say for an example, if the prescribed fee for Class 8th is as 23000 Class 9th as 32200 and Class 10th as 32200 and the student opys for this 3 year Package Price of Total Rs69,920 (mentioned in the brochure) Being a meritorious student, say he further wins a special Fee waiver of Rs 4920 also.

Thus a Total admission Fee paid by the student, is as Rs65,000 for three consecutive years. Now, in any case if he cancels the admission in 1st year than the deduction will be considered on Class 8th full fee of Rs2300/- and basis as per the table given above

How to Apply for Refund

Write a standard Application requesting for the refund and get copy duly signed by the Best officials, so that it is considered effective from the day you have applied. Fill the Refund format issued from the office. Refund request made verbally or through phone/email/fax shall not be entertained, in any case.

You shall have to submit the Original Fee Receipt along with the Refund Application, Identity Card, Attendance Card as per the slab wise last dates mentioned in the Course Booklet. No refund will be made after the last date of Second Refund, except any special cases mentioned as below.

Refund will be credited in your(Father/Mother/Student) bank account through NEFT/RTGS mode only. For this you have to submit a cancelled cheque or bank passbool's first page copy along with the Refund form.

Refund rules remains the SAME ven A. If a student joins the late or B. If a student doesn't joins or attend even a single class, after depositing the fee.Refund Fee will be either credited in your desired account within two months or otherwise the refund cheque can be collected from the Best Head Office.